Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kobe is still one of the Greatest!!!!

Kobe is still one of the greatest players ever to play the game of basketball. He could arguably be the No.2 player of all time behind Michael Jordan or atleast in the top 5 when you consider Magic, Bird, Wilt,Kareem etc. His knack for getting the baskets at the right time, his ability to play defense, his mind blowing moves and most of all his hard work ethics and pure talent. These skill sets have all been achieved or mastered even though he does have raw pure energy and talent.

What I don't get about Kobe is why the media/press seem to be out there to get him even if he makes the tiniest of mistakes. Look at the NBA Finals for example. People give so much hype and attention towards Pierce from the Celtics but Pierce ain't nothing without KG and Allen. If KG and Allen played for Lakers and Pau Gasol/Odom for Celtics - I bet there would have only been 4 games and you know who the winner is.

It seems like people expect Kobe to win on his own and if he does not, then they are ready with the blame game. Having been frustrated at how some of his team mates were playing, you got to give him so leniency too. Pau Gasol was playing as if he could not lift a single dumb bell. Odom was committing fouls on the offensive end with "charging", and Derek Fisher never showed up like he did with the Jazz last year. The two Eastern European players well - lets leave them out. This is not Kobe's fault.

But one thing is for sure. Kobe has matured and you could see it from the press conference after Game 6. I hope the team goes into the off season and works on their defense and "roughness". If that can be done, Bynum being back and they trade someone to get an "actual Machine" that can shoot 3 pointers at will - than you have an excellent team in the making for a few more years to go. I would go to the extent of getting a veteran player who can play good defense, a bit taller than Derek Fisher as well. Pau Gasol seems like he can learn to play rough and hard and Odom definetly adds some blend.

Hopefully the Lakers are back!!! And Don't Blame Kobe if they are not!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

India - A racist country? A secular country? or just a new powerful dude?

As you might very well know, if you are a cricket fan and even if not, that Harbajan Singh was accused of being a "racist" when he visited Down Under. Now the outcome of this complaint by the Aussies against the Indians, was a huge uproar, burning of effigies and of course the Cricket Board in India flexing its muscle to say that it will withdraw from the tour. The public was OUTRAGED that an Indian could be called racist by a "white dominated" country. This is the part that I found really funny. INDIANS ARE RACISTS. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

Why are they racists?

1.) Ever heard of North Indians and South Indians and the way they treat each other?
2.) Ever heard of the Caste System?
3.) Ever heard of how Muslim Indians treat and act towards Hindu Indians and vice versa?
4.) Ever heard of North "NORTHER" Indians being kicked out of Mumbai?
5.) Ever heard of the mockery thrown at South Indians for their accent?
6.) Ever heard of how the white people in India get better treatment than Indians themselves?

If that doesn't prove India is a racist country - I am not sure what is - oh yeah and the monkey chants too.

Oh now we have new phenomenon in India called - "No Rules". Well I think it has been there for a long time but you would think that since the country is highly visible on the global map right now, it would change some of its ways. Well from purchasing toxic waste from Western countries and dumping it in their own land to get rich - can it get any worse? Oh yes the Indian Premier League. Well obviously Mr.Modi doesn't want anyone from the Indian Cricket League to play in his tournament. To say he is a visionary is plain stupid. This guy basically got the idea from implemented systems in England & Wales and also a growing one in ICL and put it into play with the huge backing of the BCCI. Where is the vision in this? Now they want to create a new Champions League which basically includes a bunch of teams from other countries as well - something like UEFA cup. Oh and they have a new rule - No players from ICL :

What I do not get in this whole post that I was writing is why do Indians have to bash themselves? They are on the world map. They are considered pioneers in alot of ongoing issues. They are "considered" to be friendly people - so why the hatred in all these other departments. The country that gave birth to Kama Sutra basically considers a sex a taboo now. For God's sake what is wrong with some cheer leaders doing their "thang". Is that a worse crime than the president of the BCCI ruining the lives of the farmers in India?

Come on people - think about it. Even in this day and age, can a Muslim boy marry a Hindu girl without all the crap going in and out?

India is still backwards in many departments. Maybe even IT.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The pain of being away from "Home"

I write this post in the most distressed state, and thus the "English" can be a "bit off". Apologies. Having not slept for quite a while, smoking here and there, not worked out in a few days and most of all even my favorite cheese dogs suck. The burden of work is getting to me and primarily because I am in the mode - "It is all on my shoulders". Thankfully a wise friend of mine advised and that mode seems to be fading away. Great for me but not sure about my employers and client. LOL.

So pain of being away from "home". What does this mean? Well if I were at home the following would take place:

1.) Don't need to cook
2.) Don't need to clean or do laundry
3.) More friends and amiable environment
4.) Relaxed atmosphere - thus taking the "stress" away
5.) And my mother would be there to take all the "heat"

So for you lucky fellows who are back home with your parents and working - You lucky f*****s.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Race, Politics and my Point of View!!!!

I am sure most of us have heard or seen Barack Obama's last speech on race and his associated with his pastor. I thought it was an inspirational speech which also reflected an individual's courage to speak out honestly and from the heart. As suspicious as it might seem to come from a politician, I felt that if people gave George Bush a chance to go to war with Iraq, they could at least give the young senator from Illinois the benefit of the doubt about something which he acknowledges as not right and needs to be fixed.

The speech had various other implications on a personal level. I began to dissect and understand the issues that arise with not only racism but prejudice and stereotyping. Our contemporary society is full of daily events that occur because of a predetermined view of certain groups of people and places. It is hard to abolish such mindsets altogether because of the simple fact that we as humans just have that trait - to judge and be judged but it is important to open up communication on issues that are potentially divisive and harmful. It is also amazing to see how such stereotyping affects us on a personal level. Obama spoke about the African American kid born in the projects whose height of ambition is being gangster and how middle/lower class White America could resent the other ethnicities for taking their jobs away, but it is more than that. Stereotyping affects me personally because of self infliction as well. The South East Asian community has stereotyped itself to be in the Engineering, Medical Information Technology field, and it is very rare to see someone cross these borders and if they do, they are considered mis-fits within their communities. I have always wanted to follow or have some sort of footing in the Political Science arena, but the level of confidence that I have in the IT field is far greater than that I would have in the PS area and it is not because I am a shy person or my personality reflects that of a non-confident individual. It is because psychologically my mind has been altered by perceptions set in society that I might not be "so good at it". This kind of politics is not played in a Congressional environment or a parliament but in everyday situations by people whom we have a very close relationship with. It is like a chain reaction. Someone sets a precedence that desis are good at IT. More desis start learning computer languages and the next thing you know, if a desi is good at Geology, it is seen in an awe and shock manner.

When the speech was considered to be at a broad level, I do not think anyone understood at the magnitude of its importance and the scope it covers. I think the speech reflects issues that are not just associated with the pastor and Obama but with us and ourselves. The importance for us to see past the precedence set by ancestors, the need for us to listen and then judge, the height of hypocrisy exhibited by each and everyone of us when we talk about religion, respect for each other and forgiveness. I am not sure whether Obama tried to be Atticus Finch, but in my opinion I think he tried very hard to see the world in others' shoes before delivering that speech. I think you cannot ask for more from a presidential candidate or from yourself - you need to at least try.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do you know how I felt today morning?

You wake with hope, an idea of ecstasy to fill the air,
the long for belonging and to be belonged,
to know that nothing can happen to ever bring you down,
to feel that nothing could ever hurt you.

You wake up with a sense, it vibrates like no other,
smell, touch, taste, hear but not see,
but seeing is worth a thousand battles, and
maybe one day I would wake up to admire the splendor.

You wake up with tranquility, a peace of mind you never had before,
that you could remove all the worlds' burdens from your chest,
just so that she can lie on it freely,
passionate and dreaming about whether I can care about anything else.

I woke up today,
Born again by feeling, that I can never control,
A hole that I had felt long ago, one that I patched and one that is worn,
Yet even if it opens up, I hope to wake up again and I hope the feeling,

Is not yet gone…..

Never Before ...

A million words would not be able to describe,

How I feel about you at times…

A million years pass by and I hope I feel,

Just the same way when I dream of those beautiful eyes…

A hundred thousand women would walk on this earth,

Yet right now I feel that you are the prettiest in my world…

A hundred thousand times I would wonder what you think,

I doubt you will tell me, but I hope that some day you will…

A thousand times you would ask me not to think about you,

Every day goes by, and I wake up with what I thought last night,

And that’s you…

A thousand cruel words you might say and a thousand more,

So that you make sure you are clear,

But that sweet word I long for will vanish those thousand away…

A hundred breaths I would take to slow my beating heart,

Yet even on the slowest beat, I can hear it – your whisper, my love …

A hundred reasons you might give to stop me from courting you,

Yet I have a billion more to say, to stay with this feeling so true…

One second goes by; I am stilling thinking of you …

One more word and I feel like a life time is through …

One call in the morning and this life’s worth has been fulfilled and true …

One day, I hope you feel the same way as I do about you …

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Interesting Question - Episode 1

This is a series of interesting questions that are asked from me by an interesting friend. The questions and ideas all belong to my interesting friend, and maybe some day at this person's permission, the name will be posted

Question For the Day

Then sun rises in the east and sets in the west. What does the moon do?

All answers are accepted.